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Hello to all of the students taking our new Business English Course

It was a pleasure to have you attend the first class last night and I hope you found it both informative and enjoyable.

As promised you can view the Self Introduction example video I showed you last night via the link posted below. I’ve added subtitles to ensure you can catch every word and I’d like you to use my version as a guide for your own self introductions. You shouldn’t match my version exactly but use some of the example sentences we studied in your textbooks last night that best suit your own situation. Remember you can either use you actual work position or create a fictitious (not real) one.

Please be ready to give your self introductions during our next class on Tuesday 21st August (the week after next). Katherine will film you individually in a separate classroom and your video will only be seen by me and you, so don’t need to worry about performing in front of others!

I’ll also be collecting your self assessment placement test (15mins only remember!) and your article summaries (1 hour max!)

As I said you’ll get out this course, what you put in, so please make your own decision on what you want to achieve and then allocate the appropriate time for home study.

Finally I thought you might also like to take a look at a video of the authors of the Intelligent Business textbook series talking about what they think makes it beneficial to students. No subtitles for this video I’m afraid but if you click the ‘Open transcript’ option via the button below the video window on the right hand side you can view the script along with the video



Many thanks, have a great couple of weeks and I look forward to seeing you all the Tuesday after next.

Best regards