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Many call me Jonathan, but in the usual Aussie fashion of shortening our names with family and friends, please feel free to call me Jono! Last month (June), it has been 3 years since I moved to Fukuoka, Japan from Sydney, Australia and 1 year since I started at Journeys. Since 3 years ago I’ve met many new friends. I’ve gotten to know and love Fukuoka food, city and culture while teaching English to people of all ages. Before moving here I volunteered with an internationally famous church called Hillsong Church. There since 2010 I taught English to and built friendships with many English students coming from Japan, Korea, China, etc.




What you may not know about me is that I’ve also done sound production for live concerts and modern gospel-rock style church services since I graduated high school in 2005. I also love to play guitar and percussion in a band setting and love Heavy Metal music! My favourite artist is Devin Townsend! In 2013 I first visited Japan as a volunteer for Crash Japan in Iwaki, Fukushima and went sightseeing all the way through to Fukuoka. I fell in love with Japan and its people and vowed to come back again to bring life, hope, joy, encouragement and empowerment to whomever its needed!