Using almost. you’ve almost go it.

‘Almost’ は大抵の場合2つのうち片方の意味でよく使われます。


②もうひとつはalwaysやeveryone, allなどの言葉と一緒に使います。

日本の英会話クラスで共通してよく聞くのは2つ目の意味ですがevery day, everyone,やallなどの単語と一緒には使われていません。

例えば、Almost Japanese like sushi.” これは間違いです。

all, everyなどの単語のついてないalmostは間違いです。
この間違いは“Almost all Japanese”や“Almost every Japanese.” というような言い方に直せます。ここで覚えておくべきことは100%の意味の単語(every, all, the whole, always)をつけないalmostの使い方は完璧ではないということです。

‘Almost’ is almost alway used in one of two ways. One way to explain something that came very close to happening but didn’t. Another way is to connect ‘almost’ with a word like always, everyone or all. This version means something that is very common but is not 100%. A common thing I hear in English classes in Japan is using almost in the second way but not using it with a word like every day, everyone, or all. An example of this is “Almost Japanese like sushi.” This is incorrect. Without a word meaning all or every almost is wrong. We can correct this by saying “Almost all Japanese” or “Almost every Japanese.” The key thing to remember here is that without something meaning 100%(every, all, the whole, always) almost is not complete.


ALMOST ALL the pie is gone.


The second way to use almost to describe something that wasn’t done successfully but was close. Like this:

This man ALMOST slam dunked.



Or this:
That guy ALMOST made the train.

In this version of almost. It always comes between the subject and the verb.

では復習しましょう。何か100%ではないけれども一般的な事柄を説明する時のalmostは必ず100%を意味するall, every, the whole, alwaysなどと一緒に使わなければいけません。何か成功しそうだったけど惜しくもしなかったときのalmostは主語の後、動詞の前にきます。

So, let’s review. Almost, when describing something that is common or usual but not 100% must be combined with a word that means 100% like all, every, the whole, or always. When describing something that wasn’t successful it comes after subject but before the verb.



1. My mother, my father, my sister and I live in Fukuoka. My brother lives in Tokyo.

__________  _________ my family lives in fukuoka.

2. Kagawa kicked the ball at the goal but the keeper blocked it.

Kagawa ____________ scored a goal.

3. Nobody likes working on the weekends. Ok some people do.

_____________ nobody likes working on the weekends.


OK. I think you’ve almost got it. Go and practice.